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Sponsored by Cuba Caribe and Dance Brigade. Level 2 (begins on Oct 21): Wednesdays from 7 pm to 8pm. We had a lot of fun! Friday, 7pm-pm,. $58 (city residents)/$70 (non-city residents).Age 16 , Maximum 18 people. Maxi18. Towards the end of the seven week course we will also introduce Rueda de Casino. Please, check out our online Zoom classes in Salsa Suelta on Thursdays and Casino Partner dancing on Saturdays. We love dancing with these wonderful people and are always impressed by the enthusiasm and spirit everyone brings to the dancing floor. Class begins Thursday Oct 16 at 7pm.Maximum 18 people. He assisted to several dance, jazz and ballroom workshops for more than eight years in his native country. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA, trik bermain poker yang baik. Waiting List! Sorry: CLASS IS FULL! DJ Walt Digz, Asho, Dark Rum, Alan, Belen, and El Gato Volador (Italy). $24 if you pre-register by October 29, otherwise $35. Please take a moment to look at our classes page to learn about our NEW upcoming group classes. This was their 3rd time performing at the festival.

Salsa Vale Todo presents the 12th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival

Every Thursday at 7pm. Learn to dance to the Son clave with traditional footwork and some nice dance patterns. Casino, Cardio-salsa, Cubatón Member since 2004. Waiting list! The best dance classes in Havana. For anyone who wants to learn to dance Salsa, meet people and have fun! Afro Cuban Rumba and Orisha dances illustrate the essence of all Cuban movement and will enhance your salsa style, freestyle ability, and flow! God of Gamblers – 684.2 ltc.

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We are proud to present award-winning Cuban-born Jose Francisco Barroso for two-class workshop. Friday,: 7pm to pm Cost $15 Louden Nelson Center downtown Santa Cruz All levels (recommend basic Salsa knowledge). Popular Salsa Crash Course Cuban-style for Beginners: level 1 No partner required! This is a very entertaining way to learn to dance Salsa and become part of a worldwide community phenomenon. Series class: 4 Wednesdays from 7-pm Wednesdays, Sept 14 – Don’t miss this popular class: fills up fast! 7-week series class: Wednesdays to.

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From 7pm to pm No partner required. Chris Jessica performed at this annual festival! Location: Louden Nelson Center 301 Center Street, downtown Santa Cruz Need to pre-register at City of Santa Cruz Parks Recreation. VERDICT: If you enjoy RPG with the added benefit of earning bitcoin and tradeable items, then Spells of Genesis is for you. $12, Max 25 people! Class begins Thursday March 27 at 7pm. Shake the Square at Abbott Square with Chris Jessica from Salsa Gente. Wishing all of you safe and happy Holidays! Level 1 class IS FULL! Contact us for more information or for discount info: age 16 , Limited space (max 22). Enjoy all or just some workshops from beginner level and up, and enjoy stunning performances every evening with lots of dancing afterwards! Chris Jessica teamed up with Ramon Ramos Alayo of Alayo Dance Company (San Francisco) for a unique duet performance.Technical direction also provided by Jose Francisco Barroso. Every day performances, live bands and dance parties. Click here to see the performance of Chris Jessica at the last Festival in San Francisco: no partner is required.


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Class number311 401 More registration information here: class More registration information here: instructor – Performer.

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This is partner dancing using Cuban-style techniques. Learn more EVENTS Academia de Salsa keep Glasgow’s dance scene vibrant, bringing you the best dance events every week. Enjoy a weekend of Cuabn-dance workshops with Cuban-born Maiensy Sanchez. Click on image or here to see full schedule:

Salsa Vale Todo presents the 11th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival

SORRY: LEVEL 1 CLASS IS FULL! Join us for a virtual (Zoom) dance session in Cuban Son! Live bands: Rumbache, Timbalive and Mayito Rivera (ex-Los Van Van) with TIMBALIVE. No partner required, age 16 , limited space.

Cost same as before ($10 drop-in per person, $5 for full time students, and discount with our 10-class package sheet.). Member since 2004. This is mainly partner dance with Cuban-style techniques.Learn more turns, develop movements and enjoy the relaxed and open Cuban-style of dancing. Get a workout, gain confidence, learn great moves as your fun teachers keep you moving! Most of the games from this game provider are mobile-compatible. Click here or image to see more FB: above: Photo of our beginner class in fall 2022. Learn real social dance skills from the best Cuban Salsa dance instructors in the world. Afro-Cuban, African, Son, Salsa Rueda de Casino. Activities Attractions Coordinator. Legendary live bands and DJs such as: El Niño y la Verdad, DJ Walt Digz. Originally from Guantanamo, Cuba Royland graduated of the Escuela de Instructors de Arte de la Ciudad de La Habana. Cuba Dance Camp is offered by Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco. Then don’t miss this opportunity!

Salsa Vale Todo presents the 10th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival

This popular crash course offers everyone who wants to learn Salsa partner dancing with a more relaxed but sizzling Cuban flavor. Member since 2007. See their bio here: The Salsa Cubana workshop will include Casino partner dancing and possibly some Rueda de Casino. If you are interested in booking an instructor or our dance team for an event or special occasion, please visit our contact page. Contact us to register. Friday,, 7pm to pm, $15 (cash only) Louden Nelson Center,301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA FB: dance Mission and CubaCaribe present CubaCamp! Class More registration information here: FB Level 1: FB Level 2: in Cuba, where he has lived since 2000, he studied Popular Dances at the Teatro América, and took several courses at the National Folklore Company, as well as with the first dancer Julio Miñoso of the J.J. Two workshops: 2pm and pm. 4 Thursdays from 8 to 9 pm. Don’t have time or money to travel to Cuba?Join Chris Jessica to Cuba Dance Camp! Intermediate level and up. Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA $15 one class, $24 two classes. Pre-registration is required with! A great film about human interactions and the uplifting power of Latin music and dance. Casino, Bachata Member since 2013. Enjoy four days of social dancing, world-class performances and shows, music from acclaimed bands and DJs, workshops and classes for all dance levels with top instructors, a beginner bootcamp, educational lectures and late night parties in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world.

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No Partner required! Experienced beginners know all the basics plus El uno, Setenta and Sombrero. Pre-registration is required at the city of Santa Cruz Parks Rec. Member since 2011.

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Casino, Cubatón, Bachata Member since 2011. Adult students have the opportunity to take Cuban folkloric, popular, modern dance (includes Rueda de Casino, Salsa Suelta), song and percussion classes. In just 4 weeks you will step up on the dance floor with easy, cool looking moves.This is partner dancing using Cuban-style techniques. Welcome to TaToSalsa Studio based in the Tampa Bay area. Coming back to Santa Cruz: if we can get 5 people or more, each one gets $50 discount! So, it’s a chance to practice footwork and rhythms even if you don’t live with a dance partner. Learn more turns, develop movements and enjoy the relaxed and open Cuban style of dancing with a partner.This class is ideal if you have basic Salsa dancing experience or have completed Chris Jessica’s beginner series level 1. Afro-Cuban: 3pm, all levels Salsa Cubana: pm, experienced* beginners and up Location: Large studio downstairs at Motion Pacific Dance Studio Both Jose “Cheo” Rojas and Royland Lobato are celebrated master teachers visiting from San Francisco area. Need to know following:Guapea, dame, enchufla doble, el uno, sombrero, and setenta. FB event here: chris Jessica performed 3 times in the past at this annual festival! Salsa Cubana: pm to 9pm. This series also introduces Salsa Rueda de Casino. Level 1 (begins on) Wednesdays from 7 pm to 8pm. Royland is working over 17 years as a dance educator. Location: Louden Nelson Center downtown Santa Cruz, CA. Need to pre-register at City of Santa Cruz Parks Recreation. It may come as a surprise to you to find out just how many different websites and apps there are which include ways for you to earn bitcoin ‘ or earn an internal currency that can be cashed out in bitcoin ‘ whilst playing a fun game, academia salsa casino puerto la cruz.

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